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Our very own Princess once introduced us to the perfect manual for an English afternoon tea.  At her own bachelorette she showed us how to throw the perfect Afternoon Tea bachelorette.

Below are the essentials that you’d need to pull off a pretty impressive Afternoon Tea event.

Afternoon Tea Stands (25 and 30 GHC)

These afternoon tea frames come in two sizes and start at a price of 25GHC for the small and 30GHC for the larger version. The smaller version is ideal for use with plates between 160 – 210mm such as our NS small plates or our white porcelain plates. Our larger frames are suitable for use with plates between 215 -270mm. These will go perfectly with our Ashford floral patterned dinner plates or any of our porcelain dinner plates in our dinnerware category. By changing the plate style, you can change the whole appearance of the setting. We would recommend a crisp, white plate for a modern afternoon tea or floral plates to create a more traditional afternoon tea look.

Product features (Small Afternoon Tea Stands)

  • Dimensions 380(H) x 240(W) x 205(D)mm
  • 3-tier stand
  • Holds plate up to 8.25 inches (or between 160mm to 210mm)

Product features (Big Afternoon Tea Stands)

  • Dimensions 490(H) x 295(W) x 290(D)mm
  • 3-tier stand
  • Holds plate up to 10.5″

Tea Pots (10 GHC)

Great value porcelain 430ml beverage pots from with a squat and durable shape for all things “High Tea”. This range of tea pots is perfect for events which serve pots of tea or coffee to share quickly and without fuss.

Product features

  • Capacity 430ml/ 15oz
  • Material porcelain

Tea Cups and Saucers (3 GHC)

Great value 285ml tough porcelain cappuccino cups from Athena which is functional and practical making this crockery range popular. Ideal for use at weddings, office parties, product launch events and dinner parties etc .

Product features

  • Capacity 285ml
  • Material Porcelain
  • Colour: White

Kings Cutlery (5 GHC per set)

Milk Jugs (5 GHC)

Sugar Bowls (5 GHC)

Crystal Champaign Glasses (6 GHC)

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