Royal Crystal Drinkware


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Our Royal Crystal glassware is one of our finest glassware sets.

The range comes in  a set of 3. A long tumbler, wine glass and champagne flute.

When your guests are opening their bottles of wine, what better way to wow them by serving your wine in these glasses. They are luxurious, intricately designed and made of stunning crystallite.

When it’s time to pop that bubbly, there aren’t many better flutes to do that champagne  as much justice as these do.

The highball tumbler is simply gorgeous and will keep your guests fascinated by its looks.

  • Made of Luxion crystallite
  • Made in Italy

Rental Prices:

The set of 3 (Tumbler, champagne and wine glasses): 10 GHC

Highball Tumbler: 4 GHC

Wine Glass: 4 GHC

Champaign Flute: 4 GHC

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