MyWeku Gardens: Designing Signage


There are probably very few countries with as many advertisement signs as Ghana. They are everywhere. Part of me thinks that’s because it is simply what works and gets your product or service out there in the consciousness of potential buyers. Beyond that I also believe that for a restaurant, in the dark street-light hungry corners of Accra, people need to see a visible and well lit sign to help them navigate to your restaurant. For me, however, there is another important factor in taking signage seriously. A businesses’ brand identity is made more memorable in our minds by their logo and signage.

The signage had to have the wow factor and be located where the Instagram generation could easily take their selfies with it. With this in mind, the signage was commissioned to be designed earlier on in the setting up process of MyWeku alongside other design work. The design process was simple enough. The logo was to be the main dominating feature but also we had to think about a signage background that will work with the rustic décor theme of the restaurant. Another feature we decided on was that it had to be a modern sign and nothing at the moment screams modernity as a 3D sign. The finalised design concepts received after a few days brainstorming session and exchange of ideas and feedback are listed below.



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